Stills: A Weekly Collection {from 8.25.15}

Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_1 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_2 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_3 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_4 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_5 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_6 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_7 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_8 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_9 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_10 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_11 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_12 Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_13Stills_A_Weekly_Collection_8.25.15_14

1. hammock reading.
2. he joined me.
3. sky.
4. a few minutes later.
5. passion flower and echinacea.
6. cherry tomatoes in neighbors’ garden.
7. cowboys and indians.
8. lincoln logs.
9. first time being played with.
10. last day of summer vacation.
11. changing of the seasons.
12. our walk home from the library.
13. what i’m reading.
14. cat naps.


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