Life Lately and Recently Enjoyed Things {8.18.15}


The past two weeks have been a whirlwind filled with bulk food and school shopping, family movie nights, birthday parties, amusement park visits, and the attendance of an annual pig roast. The final enjoyment of summer freedom. School resumes in less than a week.

My mother-in-law has a membership to one of those wholesale clubs and, although the interest or desire rarely arises to buy for our family in those kinds of quantities due to lack of storage and space, we joined her a few weeks ago during one of her shopping visits. We stocked up on toiletries, pantry, and freezer items and it has helped ease my anxiety over the back-to-school transition, as well as provided some easy meals over the past few days. And the storage concerns didn’t end up being as large of an issue as I had anticipated. I can see joining her in these outings a little more often.

We also focused a bit more of our attention to preparing our wardrobes for the impending change in seasons. Bringing clothes out of storage, trying on and rotating out the outgrown to give to friends, family, & Goodwill. My Mom purchased a size 5 lot of boys’ Fall/Winter clothing (khakis, corduroys, short- and long-sleeved polos, hooded sweatshirts, an outdoor coat), all in excellent condition, at a yard sale two Springs ago. I have felt so incredibly thankful that it will all fit this year and that his wardrobe is mostly taken care of.

We spent this past Friday evening at the town park celebrating a little friend’s birthday over cake and ice cream. It was the simplest of affairs and one I will take note from for party planning next Spring.

Two weekends ago, we attended my husband’s best friend’s family pig roast. They host it the first weekend of every August. My husband {and now our little family unit} has always been invited – they are the absolute sweetest of people and such pleasant hosts. It’s always a really fun time. They live in a little farmhouse on a piece of property {complete with a pond and pasture areas} close to where I spent my childhood being raised. So it’s always a bit nostalgic to go back to the area and spend a day reminiscing of {and allowing the littles to enjoy an idea of} country life. I forgot my camera this year, so I didn’t take any photos; however, I took a lot of photographs last year and just realized I never shared any of them. Feeling inclined to change that.

The day after the pig roast, my Mom offered to keep both littles in her care so my husband and I {finally} celebrated our anniversary. My husband’s best friend has been dating a woman from the UK, who was in visiting for a time, and he wanted to take her to an amusement park. We were invited to join them and his sisters for the day – we enjoyed all the rides we miss during visits with both the littles.

Now, I think it’s safe to say that we are beginning to rest into this new season upon us. Our summer is beginning to quiet down. And we have eased back into our regular “school time” bedtime and waking routines, which has been much welcome.

The oldest little and I had Kindergarten orientation together this morning. We met his teacher for the year – not one of the ones that I had heard so many wonderful things about {from other parents} – but we are both excited for the year ahead with her as our teacher. She was raised in a military family {without a hometown, as she put it}, but finished her college education here and hasn’t left since. I think that’s just so special. I could tell during our classroom visit that she is super organized with attention to detail and ease for both the students and parents. I hope this leads to a relationship with open and strong lines of communication. I relax a little more into our schooling decision with each of these steps.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of grade school and consider what effect the reality of my son’s increased absence in our days will have on me. I recently read this beautiful piece – – and my goodness, what a song to my heart, I simply couldn’t relate any more deeply. Trying to let go of the guilt and find peace in that this is my daughter’s time now; however, much a part of me wishes my son could better remember and cherish our memories had and made together, just him and I.

We are experiencing a combination of heat wave and drought here. We are in desperate need of rain {and not the ten-minute torrential downpours we’ve seen only twice now this entire month}. So the garden is looking a bit rough. We have one sunflower plant that has ended up the size of a tree – the goldfinches flock it. My Mom’s neighbor also gave me some canna lily bulbs this year that all did really well – quite the vibrant pop to our garden. Despite the sweltering heat, they have finally started replacing our dilapidated sidewalk. Yesterday they had excavators tearing out the old chunks of concrete and today has been spent leveling and preparing the base for new concrete to be poured. Both littles are excitedly anticipating the new “scooter-riding pad.”

A dear pen-pal from CA recently included Still Life with Chickens in the latest little package she sent my way. I love memoirs and this was such a simple, charming one to read. Considering Where They Found Her: A Novel next.


{Other Recently Enjoyed Things}

This wall of hand prints.

Teal and white color inspiration for our dining/office space.

I have a cabinet {inherited from my Dad}, similar to this – now I want to paint it yellow and use it as linen storage.

The way this late summer light trickles through our home.


That’s it for now.
Until next time. ❤


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