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**eastern tiger swallowtail in the neighbors’ garden.


Wednesday, dear friends of mine from high school came up to visit my family and I over dinner. My husband grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us, they brought dishes of cucumber salad and fresh fruit to share. Both equally delicious, but the white peaches have me craving more…. I’d really like to make this, if I happen to get my hands on more. My husband started us a little fire in the pit and we roasted marshmallows for making smores, before he did the bedtime routine with both littles for me. We finished out our evening together with light conversation. We naturally steered clear of the heavy stuff going on in all our lives, which is what I love so much about these two. We know what each other need without ever having to ask for it. We’ve gone through periods of not speaking {not even through text messages} for nearly six months a few times when life got really full. And even though we are at completely different stages in life and having different experiences, we can still all relate and be a comfort to one another.

Thursday, we spent the evening at my in-laws. They have one of those large above-ground pools and invited us over to swim and join them for dinner. Both littles loved the cooling off in the water, with only one tantrum over preference of “floaties.” Water scares me {I witnessed a family member drown in the family pond as a child} – we used to do swimming lessons with both littles, but haven’t the past two years and searching out a new swimming lesson program to better fit our needs has been on my mind. My mother-in-law made pork served over sauerkraut with mashed potatoes, green beans, and a variety of pickled vegetables {including asparagus, which I’ve never had pickled before}. I have always envied her ability to throw such a wonderful meal together. I struggle to properly prepare any kind of meat, even with a recipe. And with that, my vegetarian preferences make a bit more sense.

Friday, was my husband and I’s fifth wedding anniversary. He gave me a card carved out of wood, based on the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. “….trees symbolized strength and wisdom.  By the fifth year of marriage, the married couple is developing strong, deep roots like a venerable oak tree and is gaining insight and understanding from the mistakes and stumblings of the first five years. The pair has learned the most important lesson of all and the secret to a successful marriage: forgiveness.” {source} And my word that couldn’t be more fitting a symbol for the growth in our marriage this past year.

My mom also came up to visit Friday morning. We spent the morning walking around town, checking out the little bookstore going out of business, picking out a few new reads with the littles at the library, and stopping by the coffee shop for iced chai lattes. We walked back home and she sat reading our chosen books to both littles, while I made some progress with the laundry situation. I always value our time together. I don’t see my mom as much as I had always envisioned I would {or would like}, but her and I make do the best we can. Ideally {for me, in the interest of support to one another}, we’d live less than 10-15 minutes from one another {what I’m familiar with from my grandparents while growing up}. But that’s just not the current case. She has her roots planted comfortably and we are where we are for my husband’s career. It was hard finally getting to a point where I could be honest with my feelings about it.

This weekend has been quiet for the littles and I, spent in the comfort of our home while my husband is away for the weekend. The oldest little and I made popcorn and watched The Boxtrolls after putting the youngest little to bed last night. I found it a bit quirky, but was equally enthralled by its plot {as I’ve never read, “Here Be Monsters!”}. My son seemed to feel similarly, asking a lot of questions throughout, but overall we appreciated it as a fun, appropriate family film.

Thinking ahead to fall a bit, considering the change in pace to our days and pulling together some new crockpot recipes to try…. and loving this dining room inspiration that my friend recently shared on her Pinterest board. Our dining room also has a little radiator unit like this interrupting one wall, so I find this simple shelf and mirror such a creative, practical decor solution.

Also, I had mentioned a few posts back, reading a few books about family traditions and rituals. One of the ideas mentioned, reminded me of something I saved to Pinterest {back when I had just freshly joined Pinterest}. This is it, the link is now broken, but the obvious idea is still there. What a simple way to document the days over the years.


Anyways, that’s it for now.
Until again. ❤


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