Life Lately & Recently Enjoyed Things {7.30.15}

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**from the garden. just one lone ranunculus bulb survived the rabbits this year.


Life has been full, in the most special and connected kind of ways…. summer freedom. But this freedom has been equally exhausting. Missing the ebb and flow of routine and rhythm in our home.

I have said “yes” to nearly everything, not drawing boundaries for obligations/commitments we become involved with, but I understand a lot of that has to do with the shift my family is about to experience with the oldest little beginning Kindergarten in a month.

I’m not sure, in fact I worry a bit about, how we will all adjust. My husband works a demanding, rotating schedule {which is why we have chosen that I put my career as an RN on hold to stay home and raise the kids}, but I worry about the amount of time he will have to spend with our son once school starts.

I deeply connected with and appreciated this stand and reasoning for stressing less and supporting public school systems. School and our approach to it, at least in the decision of what would best fit our son’s needs became much heavier and difficult than I should’ve ever allowed it to. I’m really happy to have been able to {finally} relax into our decision and am excited to grow and learn with him in this coming school year.

I’ve read more lately as a coping mechanism {distraction}, but a beneficial one that I’ve appreciated allowing time for in my day.

My husband gifted me a Kindle as a birthday/Christmas gift last year, and I’ll be honest that it has taken some warming up and getting used to. I love holding the hard copy of a book, feeling the pages as I turn them, a constant visual of where you “dog-eared” {so you can always flip back to the most powerful points, on any given day}….

I wasn’t without reservations about library books though. Something about the amount of circulation they go through. Especially through Fall and Winter…. cold and flu season. So, I have learned how to borrow e-books from the database of local libraries and have been really utilizing this option. I’m really not too great with technology. This has helped me though.

I finished The Book of New Family Traditions by Meg Cox, which has inspired me to finally page through a thrifted book my Mom picked up for me, Let’s Make a Memory by Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson. {For a few years now, I’ve wanted to host an End of Summer Celebration while incorporating a moment or way to remember my late father. It’s never made it to the planning stage, but I’d really like to make that happen this year. Mostly out of hopes to rekindle the connection on my dad’s side of the family. Relationships with his family have seemed so fragile and distant to me since him and my grandfather passed. See this piece on grief.}

I started French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon. I didn’t get to finish it before the loan period ended, but I requested it again and am looking forward to finishing it. If this and this article appeal to and interest you, you’d probably enjoy this book.

I’m reading Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer, by Novella Carpenter. Only half way through but, as a townie that dreams of keeping chickens and bees, really, really enjoying this one.

All this talk of what I’ve read…. on my Kindle, leaves me slightly ashamed to acknowledge that our local bookstore is closing. A little, locally run business. The kind of place that hosted poetry readings and writing workshops. This article really puts the struggle into perspective. “The books just look better.” And it’s true. I recently bought Baking With Less Sugar by Joanne Chang {the first cookbook I’ve purchased in about six months, surprisingly…. the last being First Prize Pies} and am blown away by cookbooks lately – pieces of art with their beautiful photography and typography all meticulously laid out on heavy matte pages. And you can READ them. They don’t just contain recipes, but the STORIES behind the food. I could just buy and sit with them all, not sure how I manage to restrain myself.

Tomorrow, my husband and I celebrate five years of marriage. I love him to pieces, even more than the day I married him. For being patient with me as I continue to grow in being a wife and mother. Because parts were difficult for me, I struggled, and didn’t always have the best mindset towards it all. He has still always been there, sticking by my side, as I learn and improve. And I couldn’t be more grateful for that.


{Reflections on Other Recently Enjoyed Things}

All food related….

This is so good, even without the Blueberry Lavender Syrup {I used honey instead}.

Spicy kick to a classic summer dish, want to try.

Avocado, Hummus, and Feta Quesadilla {another to try}.

These raw, layered bars. Not sure which to try first – blueberry, cashew, coconut or kiwi, cashew, ginger?

Cute inspiration for the new school year.


That’s it for now.
Until next time. ❤


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