Suet :: Sunshine :: Squirrels


Feathered friends have been enjoying the high perches of our neighbors’ bare curly willow tree (salix matsudana). This tree has amazed me since the day we moved in next door (five years ago). Last winter, they pruned the tree back to its trunk – by the end of summer it had completely replaced, in new growth, what had been pruned away that winter. Anyways, I am greeted each morning from my kitchen window by these visitors. So, I returned the affection by putting fresh suet cakes out at the feeders. This is who showed up instead….


The littles enjoy seeing them at the feeders, as much as they are brought joy and smiles by the birds. So I haven’t attempted to correct the problem. Instead, I’m just considering another feeding area near the back of our yard. Food for all. Speaking of which, have you ever made your own suet cakes? Favorite recipes and suggestions very welcome.


I’m rather fond of the way the winter light reflects throughout our home. I’m sensing the subtle changes in the amount of light that filters through the windows and how long it lasts. An exciting change that brings much anticipation and hope for Spring.





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