How We Dine


I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for a few years now. I feel completely at peace with this and have no desire to change the pattern of things. It doesn’t mean the beginning of each new year doesn’t magnify something needing addressed. This past month has brought about much change in our approach to mealtimes, particularly dinner. Routine family dinners are difficult to orchestrate around here due to my husband’s work schedule. It was one of those things needing addressed.


We have a large, formal dining room in our home. We have never used it in its traditional sense. It has always served more purposes – office, second living area, etc.


We were recently given my little sister’s childhood dresser, which we decided to put in our youngest little’s bedroom. We had previously been using my husband’s childhood dresser, which was too large (and dark) for the space, but provided the necessary storage we needed there at the time. It came simply, feeling drawn to re-purpose my husband’s dresser as a buffet table in our dining room.


Now our dining room is formal – serving only a single purpose, as a place to gather and share a meal (other than a desk in the opposite corner of the room that remains as office workspace). I wasn’t sure that it would make much of a noticeable difference, until we entertained or hosted others. I was pleasantly surprised and wrong in my assumptions. From serving to cleaning up, somehow this new layout (along with a bit of rearranging my kitchen countertops and work surfaces) has greatly improved the organic flow of mealtimes (even for just the four of us).



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