First {“from scratch”} Pie


Each year, I receive a little birthday money from various loved ones. Years previous, it’s always been deposited straight into my savings account. This year, I spent a little on some things I otherwise wouldn’t have bought for myself….

One being a cookbook, “First Prize Pies” by Allison Kave. Mostly for nostalgic purposes. In hopes of one day being able to create a “from scratch” pie, much like the ones I fondly remember my late grandmother baking in her farmhouse kitchen. Strawberry Rhubarb being my favorite.

I love well-constructed cookbooks. The ones with beautiful photography, and personal stories, shared on thick matte pages. The ones that deserve being read, and not just thumbed through. What I have particularly appreciated about this one is the story of how the author’s background and childhood experience has led to where she is now, the informative introductory pages that brings any novice up to speed with the varying techniques of a more experienced baker…. but most of all, how she is conscious of where she sources her ingredients and has laid out the entire book based on what is seasonally available.

I started with the Apple Cider Cream Pie. I struggled with the pie dough, to be expected (I think). It was my first experience with such and I used the food processor method she mentioned. I feel like my dough ended up slightly overworked this way and may try the traditional, manual pastry blender next time. I also had to use a deep-dish pie plate (the only pie plate I had in my kitchen), so I had very little crust edge to decoratively play with. I used fork tines and it still turned out pretty. I chose to gift it to my mom who gave me two standard-size pie dishes for future pie-baking.

Haven’t yet decided which to try next….





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