To Welcome In.


I miss hosting. Entertaining. Inviting people into my home for food, drinks, & conversation, whether or not for celebration.

I’m not exactly sure when this ceased in our household. Sometime around the point our bedroom ended up in our living room (it’s true – our bed resides in the corner of our living room semi surrounded and “hidden” by my sadly sewn attempt of a canopy, while my husband and I’s entire wardrobe now occupies our coat closet).

All this shouldn’t make a difference in reference to hospitality, but it has. For us, anyways. I sense that people feel awkward when they step into our home. Maybe not. Perhaps it’s just my personally warped perception of the situation. The latter probably more likely being the case.

We entertain a lot Spring through Fall without reservation, when we can lounge and enjoy our time together outside, but rarely ever invite our family and friends into our home throughout the Winter season.

I’m not sure when this will change, but I’ll embrace the shift once we figure it out.

Where we call home has worked for us. Blessed us. Been where our little family has grown and thrived.

I’m unsure of what the future holds for our home (or where we call home), but this cold season I want to be more intentional in our hospitality and who we invite into our home.

I’m not sure what this will look like for our family, but I’m excited to find out.


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