What the Bambinos Read


We love to read in our house. It’s a task in of itself, finding new and interesting material to satisfy my littles. There are classics that line and occupy their bedroom shelves, but it’s fun being able to read and explore new books we may have otherwise not invested in.

We visit our town’s library often. It’s walking distance which is nice, too.

We also love our local Goodwill. On the right days, children’s books run a dime a piece.

The above were some of last week’s favorites.

“Ninja Red Riding Hood” by Corey Rose Schwartz, illustrated by Dan Santat. Borrowed from the library, this was a fun spin on the classic, “Little Red Riding Hood.” The storyline rhymed and the illustration layout offered a subtle hint towards manga.

“None The Number: A Hueys Book” by Oliver Jeffers. Also borrowed from the library because we adore Oliver Jeffers books. Illustrations were simple in this book and negative space used to make this easily understood even for the youngest little. I appreciated the “out of the box” subjects used to represent each number… But “This Moose Belongs to Me” is still my favorite by this author, who is more known for his illustration work.

“Bats in the Band” by Brian Lies. Another library book, this one was found on the display shelf at the entrance of the children’s library, which is on the second floor of the main library. I’m glad this shelf exists because the attention span and cooperation of our youngest little doesn’t always allow for lengthy library visits, so a few books are often snatched off this particular shelf on our quick exit down the steps to check out. Oh, and it’s a really great book. Perhaps my most highly recommended from this particular list. It appears that he has a few others in this “Bat Book” series that I’m going to check for on our next visit.

“The Thinking Book,” from Britannica’s Pre-School Libary, First Adventures in Learning Program. This was one of those ten-cent finds from our Goodwill store. They actually had (what I believe was) the complete set, but I only grabbed five (also Numbers, Sizes, Science, and Nature Wonderland)… and am now regretting that I didn’t grab the rest. They are 1970 editions, all in ridiculously well cared for condition and with the names of the two children they previously belonged to written in each cover, which I think is both special and beautiful. This is the one we’ve turned to most often, great for working on comprehension skills with the preschooler.

“The Icky Bug Alphabet Book” by Jerry Pallotta. This gets read nearly everyday, usually at bedtime, in our house. My son adores it and I don’t mind. I’ve tried to sneak in ways to work on letter recognition since it’s not something that is coming easy to him. So this has been kind of perfect because he’s fascinated with bugs. This is from our local “Books Are Fun” vendor clearance sale. It’s my understanding that Mr. Pallotta has other wildlife based “Alphabet Books,” just search “Jerry Pallotta Alphabet Books” on Amazon.

“About Birds: A Guide for Children” by Cathryn Sill. This was picked up for a few cents at a Community Aid thrift store while visiting my mom. I’ve found it a perfectly simple book for my littles in approaching discussion about the birds they’ve observed visiting our feeders and migrating south in the sky.

So that’s it. Our favorite books from this week and where they are from.

What have you and your littles been reading?


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