nourishing –   After a long winter, we are finally enjoying the arrival of Spring and the re-opening of many local farmers’ markets. I am excited to be picking up the haul from our latest local co-op order later today, including fresh organic asparagus. We love simply roasting it. I’ve also recently been blessed by the purchase of a Ninja Ultima system and have dabbled in making my own nut milks, smoothies, spreads, and the sorts.

reading –   I’ve read a lot lately, actually. With my husband’s current work schedule, I have time after I tuck the tots into bed for the night to read a bit. I’ve navigated away from the many non-fictions I’d been working my way through for a while now and have picked up a few fictions instead. I just finished “Tell the Wolves I’m Home,” “The Glass Castle,” and “Bodies of Water.” I thoroughly enjoyed them all – passing my copy of “Tell the Wolves I’m Home” along to a neighbor; appreciating the powerful memoir of “The Glass Castle” and swapping it for another read with a friend from California; and being shocked by “Bodies of Water.” It was a recent impulse buy from Wal-Mart and not at all what I was expecting based on the summary, but captivating nonetheless.

creating –   Two nights this past week, I got out my watercolors and just messed around a bit. We also recently found a wooden castle block set at a local discount store that the littles have played with nearly every night since we brought it home.

nurturing –   Lots of boo-boos. We have spent so much time outside playing that there has been no shortage of bumps, bruises, and scrapes to attend to.

watching –   The way that the leaves turn on the trees before these spring storms roll in and the rain puddles that quickly form thereafter.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. I’m also looking forward to getting lost in farmers markets this season. I’ve heard good things about them here. Yay for messing around with water colors, that can be very therapeutic! Hope your having a lovely week, friend!

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