Stills: A Weekly Collection {3.9.14}

Birthday_Gift Crocus Homemade_Coffee_Creamer Reading_Nook Spring_Books Sunlight_Orbs_Chemtrail That_Thrashing_Book1. I’m awful at keeping surprises, so naturally when her birthday present arrived in the mail, I gave it to her 3 days early. ‘Richard Scarry’s Biggest Word Book Ever’
2. A blooming crocus from my mother-in-law.
3. Homemade Coffee Creamer. I don’t drink coffee often – but when I do, I need creamer and lots of it. I was going to share the recipe, but I felt mediocre about the result. Reminded me more of sugar and cream than an actual flavored creamer, so going to play around with the recipe a bit more.
4. We rearranged our entire home about a month ago. My favorite part is this new, little, reading space in a nook of the dining room.
5. We discovered a darling used book vendor at the local marketplace and chose these to bring home with us. All spring-oriented (obviously).
6. 60* day, glorious sunshine, capturing lots of orbs, and a distinct chemtrail.
7. I recently started reading this book. I have found a bit more time to read while the tots are outside running off energy. Anyways, I’m really enjoying it.


2 thoughts on “Stills: A Weekly Collection {3.9.14}

    1. Not sure if you like chai, but I’ve recently taken a liking to Oregon Chai’s Tea Latte Mix, too! Been letting it cool and then pouring over ice – you should definitely give it a try! Thanks for popping by, gently reminded me of this slightly neglected space 😉

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