Blue Ridge Mountains Watercolor Tutorial


I’ve had an interest in painting of late. Mostly watercolor. Appealing to me for a couple of reasons – but mostly, the ability to create a finished product fairly quickly and ease of clean-up (I’m a mom of a toddler and preschooler, remember).

I haven’t really touched this medium since art class in high school. So, I wasn’t really sure where to start. I was able to create the above piece based on the simple YouTube tutorial shared below. It was a really basic tutorial that I’d highly recommend for the novices out there, like myself.

A few thoughts… I used gouache for the above painting and it definitely would’ve been easier with actual watercolor. Lesson learned – the gouache dries quicker and glides across the paper differently than watercolor.

I have since bought a few tubes of primary shade watercolors and am excited to give those a try.

I also signed up for the e-mail list of a local art supply shop. Sometimes, they offer classes in watercolor that interested me. So I’m looking forward to where that may lead.


4 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Mountains Watercolor Tutorial

    1. You should share some of your art on your blog sometime! Loved the ‘Cat in the Hat’ piece you shared from the gallery wall! Art is so therapeutic, but can definitely be hard to balance with kids 😉

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