Rooting an Avocado Pit

Rooting_Avocado_PitWhat you’ll need:
– Avocado Pit
– 4 toothpicks
– Small glass or ceramic custard cup

Remove pit from fruit. Rinse under cool water and wipe off. Holding your avocado pit pointy side up, insert your toothpicks. You want them evenly spaced out around the circumference of the pit, so that it can be picked up by the toothpicks alone.

Set your pit, in the custard cup, so that it’s suspended by the toothpicks (remember, pointy side up). Fill the cup with water, changing the water daily, and place in a sunny windowsill.

It took my avocado about a month to split open. Over the course of the following month, it began rooting and a stem has finally emerged with a few leaf buds.

Once leaves begin to open and my tree is a few inches tall, I plan on nipping off the top few leaves to encourage growth and transplanting.

Hopefully all goes well and I have a post to share in a few weeks about transplanting and caring for an avocado tree.


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