Small House Love

I love our house.

It’s small, but living in the convenience of town often comes at that price.

I could so relate to this blog post – I similarly feel like many of our guests focus on the size of our home. I used to be quick in defending it by sharing our plans of completely “finishing” the 28’x40’ second floor of our quaint little bungalow. And that’s what I used to want, but things have changed. The current state of our home has grown on me and I’m in no hurry to change it.

We can cool our entire home comfortably in the summer with one window air conditioning unit.

I love every single piece of decor in my home. It’s either something that carries a story or has been given to me by a loved one. Not just something filling up a vast empty space.

My husband’s career has him working a rotating shift of long hours that keeps him away all too often for my liking. Our small home encourages the most of our time and togetherness when he IS home.

We spend a lot of time outside because of it. Living in town, we don’t own much land. What we do have is a front porch with a swing and a cozy backyard – both spaces which we are slowly personalizing to meet our families’ needs. And we can walk everywhere. The grocery store. The bank. The post office. The library. Downtown shops and restaurants. The park. The pool. The YMCA and Children’s Museum. We are constantly encouraged to step outside for fresh air.

My father was a “pack-rat” and passed this inherit gene onto myself. Our small home has helped prevent me from accumulating piles. It has taught me how to consider what is really necessary. To be grateful for what I already have and think twice before making a new purchase. To realize what I can let go of and how to do so – through donating to those in need, repurposing, and recycling.

I’m not sure when we will finish the second-floor of our home. In the meantime, I’m living in a 1200 sq. ft. space with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a surprisingly space efficient kitchen, a huge joint dining and playroom, and living room that has also served as our master bedroom the past few months. And I’m perfectly content with such.


Here’s to all the little homes in the world!


6 thoughts on “Small House Love

  1. I totally agree with you about the comforts of a smaller home. I don’t think anyone really cares, because even if you do renovate and make it “big enough” for gatherings most people end up cramming into where you are (which for me in the living room or kitchen). 🙂

    1. So true! We actually just spent the last 2 days rearranging the entire house again to improve the flow and functionality of things… Maybe if I have time, I’ll work on a little blog series about it! 😉

  2. I was so excited to see you back and get your comment email!! I wondered where you went 🙂 I love love love this post. It can be so easy to get caught up with what ‘the joneses’ have and “NEEDING” x-space, but it’s definitely more satisfying to me more of a minimalist and only have what you truly need. I am really trying to focus on this this year. And also, who wants to clean and furnish/decorate (like you said) a huge space?! not me.

    1. It’s definitely been a fun experience! We actually just spent two days last week completely rearranging the house (again!) to better fit our current needs – hopefully, would like to do a little series of sorts sharing what has worked for us (if time allows) 😉

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