Back Again.

I’m back. Back to blogging. It’s been 9 months since my last post.

So much has changed in 9 months that my previous blog no longer fit our lifestyle.

So I decided to start over.

It feels refreshing and I can’t wait to start sharing what this new year holds and brings for my family.

Last evening brought the first snowfall of the new year. I bundled the tots up and we got to spend some time outside. It was dark and peaceful. I’m not sure there is any other silence quite like that of a snowfall.

This morning the sunshine was radiant and reflected off the crisp white layer of fresh snow. I opened all the curtains and blinds and it was incredibly uplifting to have so much sunshine wash in through the windows for a change.

I long for Spring. I hate to wish this time away, but I miss long days spent running and playing outside in barefeet and sunshine. Seasons were created to flex our faith in light after darkness… I just know it.

Fresh_ Snowfall


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